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Apart from technical competence (Knowledge and ability with horses) Student Coaches must develop their coaching skills. Without coaching skills they will not be able to effectively educate and develop the competence of their riders.

The key coaching skills across all sports are:

Ability to communicate:
Be able to use language, action, tone and analagies to describe, explain and demonstrate.
Be able to listen and evaluate what is heard
Be able to work within the learners vocabulary

Ability to assess and evaluate:
Be able to question and observe to quantify knowledge and ability in a learner measured against an objective criteria.
Be able to identify reasons for or causes of a learners actions.

Goal setting:
Understand the need for session goals, short term goals, long term goals and Golden goals.

Session Planning:
Be able to make outline plans prior to assessment and defined plans following assessment.
Be able to discuss, agree and finalise plans with a learner.

Aid development within a session:
Be able to monitor activities and recognise positive progression, lack of understanding and need for clarification.

Conclude a session:
Be able to check understanding in a learner.
Be able to offer constructive feedback.
Be able to plan future sessions.
Be able to self reflect and evaluate your own performance as a coach.

The Skills specific to Equestrian Coaches are:
Ability to recognise the influence of the horse on a riders development.
Ability to recognise varying degrees of confidence.
Ability to work with groups of learners on a variety of horses.
Ability to understand the horses thought processes and how they influence a coaching session.