The Coaches Manual.

An electronic copy of all of the contents of each test card is available for Coaches. These include six "IPRASM"riding tests, six "IPRASM"stable management tests, the "IPRASM" level 6 jumping test, the "IPRASM level 6 competing test and the "IPRASM Student Coaches Certificate.

The Manual includes the Competence objectives, the performance criteria and all of the learning support material, and is designed for coaches to use in preparing their clients for tests. It may also be of use to Riders and Student Coaches.

The Coaches Manual costs £7.50 and will arrive on your computer as soon as you have paid for it in .pdf format. It is a large file (approximately 44 pages) and may take a few minutes to download off the internet. Once your download is complete you must save it to a folder on your computer, and may print it for your own use. You may not republish, sell or distribute the contents of the "IPRASM" Coaches Folder by any means, either manual or electronic.

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