Terms and Conditions for Assessors of "IPRASM"

Assessors must hold a valid Qualification as shown on the "IPRASM" website.

Student coaches signing test cards at levels one and two must be training in an Approved Training Centre, and must be on a full time training course preparing for an international level one equivalent qualification. They must hold the "IPRASM" Student Coaches Certificate. Click here for details on "IPRASM" "SCC"

Assessments for levels 1 to 3 stable management can be completed as part of a riding lesson.

Assessments for levels 4 to 6 stable management will require specific sessions to complete assessments.

Assessments for all riding tests must be carried out in an enclosed arena apart from where specified on test cards.

It is the Assessors responsibility to make all necessary risk assessments and to maintain a safe working environment during all assessments.

All Assessors must be covered by third party liability insurance.

Assessors must ensure that they keep a record of all performance criteria that they sign off as competent.

Assessors must maintain the standards as laid down in the performance criteria. Participants who are not able to complete the required tasks the the correct level of competence must receive further training and practice until they are competent before test cards are signed.

Assessors must ensure that they have suitable equipment available to complete assessments. If suitable equipment is not available then assessments must be delayed until equipment can be organised.

Assessors who feel pressurised by participants or participants parents to sign off test cards prematurely must report the participant to "IPRASM" who will deal with the issues.

All assessors must read and agree the Terms and Conditions for "IPRASM" Assessors.