The"IPRASM"  Student Coaches Certificate is designed as a stepping stone for people on a training course towards an International Level One Coaching Qualification.  It has been designed specifically for Trainee Riding School and Pony Club Coaches. Students must have reached their 16th birthday before they can apply for the Student Coaches Certificate.

The"IPRASM" Student Coaches Certificate is awarded following successful continuous assessment in the work place, and can only be assessed by Senior Coaches who hold a full International Level Three Qualification.  (In areas where a level 3 Coach is not available, A Level 2 coach with extensive experience of Coach Education can submit a C.V. and apply to assess the Student Coaches Certificate.

Holders of the "IPRASM" Student Coaches Certificate can assess and sign off “IPRASM” levels 1 and 2 Tests.

Assessors of the "IPRASM" Student Coaches Certificate must have accepted the terms and conditions for “IPRASM” Assessors” prior to completing assessments.

Applying for the "IPRASM" Student Coaches Certificate is simple and straightforward. Following an "online" application, Student Coaches will be send by email a copy of the Student Coaches Test card, a password to access learning support material and an Assessor declaration form.
Once the Test card is completed, it and the declaration form are returned to "IPRASM" and a certificate is issued.

View the “IPRASM” Student Coaches Test Card here in any Language.

Apply for the “IPRASM” Student Coaches Certificate here. 

Access the “IPRASM” Student Coaches Learning Support Material
in any Language.

You will need the password that you received when you registered to access this, alternatively you can Click here to buy a downloadable and printable version of all "IPRASM" learning material.