All Riding Riding Schools can be involved in "IPRASM"

Schools who are approved by a National Federation, or Governing Body, who are listed by and eligible to use the logo of that body can either purchase "Stock" test cards and certificates or "Bespoke" test cards and certificates with their own logo and that of their governing body on to sell on to clients. These are available in "hard copy" or in "pdf" format electronically, for schools to do their own printing as required. Approved Schools who order "IPRASM" folders, either "Stock" or "Bespoke" will be able to have their logos on the front cover of the folders.

Schools who do not have approval from a Governing Body can purchase "stock" test cards and certificates to sell to clients but will need an accredited coach (see IPRASM Assessors)to complete the assessments. In this situation certificates will be not carry the schools logo.

All Schools and their clients who are using "IPRASM" will have access to the password protected area on the "IPRASM" website. This area contains all of the required learning material for all of the tests.

Participating Approved Schools can be listed on this site with a link to their own website.

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