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"IPRASM" Level 6 Competing Test

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Unit Number
Competence Objective
Performance Criteria

Be able to prepare a horse for the day of a competition, including bathing and foot care

Rider understands the need for a "work plan" governed by competition times, time needed to prepare the horse and the tack, time to get changed and ready and time to "work in" the horse.

Rider is able to make the horse clean and presentable, and clean and oil the feet.


Know the basic rules of either dressage or show jumping competitions

Rider knows enough of the rules to know their responsibilities whilst competing with regard to behaviour, dress, tack, and performance requirements.


Clean and prepare tack for the day of competition

Tack is cleaned thoroughly, checked for safety, and clean saddle cloth is used.  


Prepare a horse for travelling as appropriate to the time of year and the length of journey

Rider knows how to put on travel boots and can select a suitable rug.

Be able to work in the horse in a collecting ring situation at a competition

Rider can ride in open order and understands the need to warm the horse up, whilst maintaining control.
Rider understands the rules of the school


Be able to compete in either dressage or show jumping and be placed in the top 25%

Rider can perform in any competition on at least 2 occasions and be placed in the top 25%
Competition can be at Riding School or Riding Club level. 


Be able to care for the horse after competition and on the journey home.

Rider understands the need to cool the horse down after work.
Rider can make sure that the horse is comfortable and prepared for the journey home.



Be able to check the horse on the day following competing and give appropriate work and care>

Rider understands the need to check the horse the day after competition and can give appropriate care 


Understand the welfare of the horse whilst away from home

Rider understands the implications of taking a horse away from its home environment, can recognise signs of worry and stress and the need for feeding and watering.