Riders who are training at a Riding Establishment that is Approved by a Governing Body or National Federation:

Can access tests through their Riding School, if the school offers "IPRASM"

All Approved Riding Establishments are able to offer "IPRASM"


Riders who do not ride at an Approved Riding Establishment or whose Approved School does not offer "IPRASM":

Can register as an individual through this site, but will have to have an accredited (Qualified) coach to complete their test cards prior to certification. Details of the Coach will need to be supplied at the point of purchase. Certificates will be issued by "IPRASM" and will carry the "IPRASM" logo, but no others.

Riders who do not have access to a Qualified Coach

Can submit video evidence for assessment by an "IPRASM" assessor at Ingestre Stables. Certificates will carry the "IPRASM" logo and the "INGESTRE" logo.


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